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08 December 2011 @ 12:31 am
Fic Title: It Had To Be You
Author: ficnerd198
Fandom: J2
Pairing(s), Characters: Jared/Jensen, Danneel/Sophia, Chad, Sandy, Aldis; Cameo appearance(s): Jefferey Dean Morgan (as Jared's photography professor), Van Hansis (as Jeff's TA), and Misha (as Jared's English TA)
Rating: R
Word Count: 30,392
Warnings: overload of alcohol, mention of soft drugs, sexual situations
Quick Note: written for the spn_reversebang 2011 challenge
Summary: Jared thought he had the rest of his life planned out, he thought that college would be a smooth transition and he wouldn't have to deal with the drama of high school life anymore. What he didn't expect for his senior year was for his boyfriend, Jensen, to break up with him right before prom. Now, bitter and looking for a new start, Jared and his best friend Chad, (who means well but is really just a douche) start college at Texas Tropes University with hopes for something better than what Jared left behind. It turns out that college has other ideas for him though and when 'Hurrican Jensen' comes back into his life, Jared's first year of college becomes more of a big FML moment than anything else.

Part 1            Part 2                Extras:      
1a                   2a                         -Art Post
1b                   2b                         -Author's Note + Acknowledgments
1c                   Epilogue
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08 December 2011 @ 12:17 am
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27 November 2011 @ 03:43 pm
Update time again! I'm keeping this in a list to make it look organized ;)


Basic Premisespn_gamesImportant Poll!

(Yes, add this to the list of challenges)

2. Reversebang thoughts, comments etc: My artist and I are conflicting right now on how to continue working on the story. I do admit that, because of the many RL issues, I haven't been as in contact as either of us would have liked but I am trying to fix this and she's fighting me every step of the way so I have no clue what to do :/ Not complaining or anything, since I know she has many previous commitments to attend to and I have school and all the other wonderful crap like multiple car accidents in the family, I'm just hoping she can reach me half way at least.

3. Personal update: My girlfriend and I got back together and it's the best thing that has happened to me since we broke up. I'm keeping this short because I'll end up babbling but yeah, it's a great thing so I encourage many happy dances;)

I was going to add more but I forgot >.> So I'm just gonna add a little fic-blurb and leave it at that :)

snip-it time:

This isn't something he will ever get over, his heart won’t heal in the right places or grow back the chunks that had been torn from it. Jared feels like a pathetic mess, like left overs from a bloody massacre. So he’s being a little melodramatic, at this point nothing matters anymore because he just finished destroying what little happiness he had going for him. He can see all those moments play behind his fluttering eyelids, a movie he doesn’t want to forget, moments forever burned into delicate corneas. Jared wonders why he even bothers at this point, reminiscing won’t get him anywhere.

Jared can’t help himself. He misses Jensen.

Comments? :D
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11 November 2011 @ 11:49 pm
I decided that I'm signing up for j2_everafter tomorrow. Fun? I think so, since I'm (hoping) to be writing for a childhood favorite of mine ^^ No telling until everything is for sure-for sure, don't want to jinx anything;) Wish me luck? I'm excited and nervous but I'm doing it anyway.

Onto other news, I said this in my last update but I am just happy that I finally got my spnreversebang rough draft in! It took off such a heavy load from my chest. Now, I have to work on turning it into something that resembles sanity and good-product, then onto finding me a beta :D Again, I encourage wishing me luck ;P Anyone else love Whitney? I'm getting into a lot more shows lately, I feel accomplished :3 Now, I'm off to catch up with Dexter!

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