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shit just got real

3 December
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I'm a nerd, plain and simple. I watch anime and read manga, obsess over Supernatural and read books/write in my spare time. Fanfiction was my wet dream made into a reality (sad, I know). I've been writing since I was 10 give or take a year or two, and I'm a slash fan down to my core. I was a slash fan before I really knew what slash meant >>"

Oh, and I'm also a guy. I felt the need to mention this considering that the SPN fandom consists of mainly girls and it's naturally assumed who you talk to is one also. But yeah, quite a guy over here :p I may be flamboyant at times and you will probably make funny faces at half of my posts/things I say here but I can't really do anything about that so *shrugs* ;)

Other Stuff

This journal will have slash in most of my posts and I do not appreciate any flaming here, because here is where I come to relax and 'be myself'. I don't flaunt my slashing tendencies in anybody's faces or anything, I ship plenty het pairings too, but it is my main focus.

Just letting you know before hand that I'm not one of those crazy fans that starts bitching about Danneel and Genevieve and about how I hate them for stealing the boys away from each other-- you know the ones I'm talking about. It would be super amazing if J2 got together in the future, and I do believe that in some other universe they might just have, but I'm not going to spend hours whining about it.


I love meeting new people in this fandom and I also love talking to other crazy Supernatural fans, so if you so desire for whatever reason: friend me, message me, comment on my fics and leave your criticism etc. etc. because I want to get to know all you guys :D

Anyways I'm done here. Sort of. I might change this because I hate writing the 'about me' section of sites I join but it needs to be done and I tend to go back and angst over how stupid it might sound D:


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